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Role: Founder | Visual Designer | UX Designer | Front-end Developer

The challenge: To completely redesign my portfolio to restart my freelance career. Going through years of projects to find work that best represented me today as well as sharing my process and knowledge acquired over my career. I also wanted to experiment with WebFlow, a platform claiming to write clean semantic code. While making sure the website was accessible to people using assistive technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, etc. And lastly, to include a way to be able to track how people accessed the site to help me better target my audience.

My role & approach: I wore many hats through this process and received a lot of good advice from others in the industry helping me figure out what I wanted to say and show. I was excited to experiment with Webflow, which was a new platform for me that offered a robust WYSIWYG to play with. Being a developer made it a lot easier to understand how it worked. I ended up doing many pencil sketches, wrote a lot of copy and made a lot of edits to it, cleaned up graphics, and illustrator files, and did usability testing and accessibility testing. Now, out of the box Webflow is a great tool. Unfortunately, it lacked the ability to implement some accessibility features. Fortunately for me, I was going to export the code and host it on my own server, which allowed me to make updates to the code. Over the last several years I have made many updates to the site from revamping the content, adding an accessible PDF questionnaire and adding extra pages, while always making sure the content was accessible. To do that I would run through keyboard testing to make sure all interactive elements could be accessed and seen, automated testing using tools such as aXe, color contrast testing, magnification testing and screen reader testing. Lastly, I decided that I wanted to make sure people visiting my site didn’t have to worry about being tracked in anyway and so I removed my tracking and analytics software to give them full privacy.

The impact: Over time I have received feedback from people who have visited the site. The feedback has confirmed some of my hypothesis as to whether something is working or not and has helped me figure out when an update may be needed. I have also made accessibility updates when I have learned of a better way of implementing something.

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Image Caption: Before and after of Homepage masthead background image that was darkened to give better contrast to text overplayed on top.


Image Caption: Before and after for About masthead background image that was also darkened to give better contrast to text overplayed on top.


Image Caption: Before and after showing HTML code missing HTML landmarks and then the addition of landmarks to make it more accessible.


Image Caption: Before and after showing extra descriptive text added for better usability and accessibility to describe projects that were previously images.


Image Caption: Project page's previous and next arrows showing text only visible to screen readers to help give context. And on focus and hover links reveal project name.

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