How I got here.

Just like you, my story is full of excitement, challenges and serendipity.

for work

Before Photoshop, there were #2 pencils and markers

The first thing I ever designed was a Thanksgiving flyer for school in 1988.

It’s uh me, Mario!

In 1992 Mario Paint came out and I started making my first digital artwork.

My Teens: Graffiti, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, and Programming

In high school I spent my time lettering graffiti and drawing. That was when I got my first Mac, which was my intro to design and coding.

West coast To east coast

In college I learned to combine my drawing and computer skills, while studying design and fine art in Los Angeles and New York.

Client-side server

My first design gig was as a freelance web and graphic designer, where I learned a lot about business and how to collaborate with clients.

Shrink-wrapping my skills together

In 2004, I joined Home and Living, a furniture store looking to go online. I was initially brought on to showcase products on the web, but was quickly promoted to VP and focused on design and customer service.

One World. Every child.

In 2005, I joined the global non profit Spirituality for Kids, a social emotional learning program focused on empowering kids. I applied my organizational, design and business skills, and contributed to SFK’s growth in NYC.

Dub Dub

In 2011, I joined Weight Watchers creative team in NYC as a developer, building websites and customer tools. In 2014, I became a UX Lead, working on the marketing and payment gateway. During my time at WW, I also focused on Accessibility, including implementation and training.

Challenging the Healthcare Industry

In 2015, I went full-time on my startup Medi.Me, aiming to solve a significant issue with medical record tracking. This product wasn’t released but taught me a lot about entrepreneurship.

Freedom Over Full-time

In 2016, I decided to go back to my roots as a freelance designer. It allowed me to travel, and learn from those experiences and work on various exciting projects throughout the years.

Rodrigo Sanchez

Your friendly full-stack designer collaborating with people like you to create accessible (a11y) digital experiences—because everyone deserves equal access.

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