I’m a Full-Stack Designer.

I focus on accessibility (a11y) and work with teams to build accessible digital experiences through their user experience, front-end development, & graphic design. While looking at the interconnectedness and impact on society—which in turn, can help your business grow sustainably.
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My Process

“I wake up every morning to share positivity with others, so that they in turn can spread it to more people, and we can collectively work to make our world a better place.”

When helping someone with their business, it’s about understanding where they are, how they got there, where they want to go and what they feel has been blocking them from achieving their goals.

And this isn’t just my work process—this is how I try to live my life. I have found that this method has transformed the way I do things and is constantly evolving.

No. 1

When trying to achieve anything we must first understand why it is we think this needs to happen.

No. 2

Next, we need to figure out the barriers that are keeping us from achieving that specific thing. By being able to break this down into smaller pieces it makes it much more realistic and easier to achieve.

No. 3

Finally, we come up with a strategy that best fits your specific needs so that you can achieve your goals in the quickest amount of time and execute.

Some of my clients

Weight Watchers God's Love We Deliver AIGAHome and LIving dot com Jazz at Lincoln Center Hofstra University Pratt Institute The American School in London