How I got here.

Just like you, my story is full of excitement, challenges and serendipity.
for work

Before Photoshop, there were #2 pencils and markers

The first thing I ever designed was a Thanksgiving flyer for school in 1988.

It’s uh me, Mario!

In 1992 Mario Paint came out and I started making my first digital artwork.

The life: Graffiti, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, and Programming

In high school I spent my time lettering graffiti and in my junior year my family got its first Macintosh.

West coast To east coast

In college I learned to combine my drawing and computer skills, while studying design and fine art in Los Angeles and New York.

Client-side server

My first design gig was as a freelance web and graphic designer, which is where I learned how to collaborate with clients.

Shrink-wrapping my skills together

In 2004 I joined the startup Home and Living where I wore a few hats—from being a designer to customer service manager.

One World. Every child.

In 2005 I joined a startup non profit called Spirituality for Kids where I brought my many hats to help grow the organization in NYC.

Dub Dub

In 2011 I joined Weight Watchers creative team in NYC to work on making their websites accessible. And in 2014, I transitioned into the role of lead ux designer, focusing on the marketing website.

Rodrigo Sanchez

Your friendly full-stack designer collaborating with people like you to create accessible (a11y) digital experiences—because everyone deserves equal access.

This site’s responsive framework is built using Webflow with custom hand-coded HTML & CSS using Sublime. The site pushes hard to be ADA standards compliant. The headlines and body copy are set in the simple and elegant Open Sans typeface. All photographs and images are my originals.